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Bulk SMS allows you to send a single message at the same time to multiple phone numbersanytime to multiple people you know.
Can I send personalized messages to my recipients with Bulk SMS From PC ?
Yes. Use your contact list to store more attributes than just names and email addresses.Attributes can be incorporated as wildcards throughout your campaign. Bulk SMS From PC will automatically merge the right attributes for each contact, so every message is personalized
What is SMS Bulk text messaging?
Bulk SMS messages are also known as Standard rate SMS msgs. If you are sending a SMS msg from this service to another mobile, the other mobile does not incur any charges toreceive it.
What is the benefit of using Bulk SMS?
Update your customers/contacts with critical alerts on their phone at any time; you can use
it as information or a promotional tool.
How do I set up a Bulk SMS campaign ?
Once the numbers are imported, it will automatically save as a distribution list or even group them and send them straight away.
Can my computer run Bulk SMS from PC?
To install and use Bulk SMS from PC via bulksmswala.com you must have Computer/Laptop with Internet Connection.
How do I send SMS?
Go to bulksmswala.com, enter your User ID & Password to take start. Now Put number and your message in the box provided and finally click upon send sms button
How much to send SMS's?
The cost per SMS depends on how you pay. Purchasing 'credits' upfront ensures you will always get the best price available:
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